about us

Welcome to The Pairing Table, where every taste unites us in a tapestry of flavors and togetherness.

It’s an exceptional experience with a menu uniquely designed around cheese and nut pairings.

It's the enchanting blend of a bistro's essence intertwined with the captivating retail experience.


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Delight in a symphony of taste from our cheese, deli and enjoy a carefully selected range of artisanal cheeses meticulously sourced from exclusive European small-batch farms.

premium nut

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Indulge in the exquisite assortment of Greek origin nuts, thoughtfully selected and freshly roasted in limited quantities every day by our resident expert, who brings forth a wealth of generational expertise.


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Dive into a world of flavor with our curated cheese pairing boards, each a harmonious blend of hand-selected cheeses. Whether at Al Mamlaka Social Dining hall or your next social event, these boards promise a delightful
addition to any occasion.


Step into our gourmet delicatessen, where a world of flavors awaits your exploration. A treasure trove of exquisite honeys, jams, preserves, and condiments. Elevate your culinary experiences with our handpicked selection, crafted to enhance your gourmet creations.

the menu

Embark on a culinary adventure where creativity and cravings harmonize in the realm of redefined gastronomy. Relish refreshing salads and savor expertly crafted cheese-centric sandwiches, or delve into intriguing fusion dishes all created by a two-Michelin star chef.

the retail

Explore our retail selections where you'll find a treasure of exceptional gift ideas. From refined cheese cutlery and personalized hampers to exquisite cheese boards and a curated selection of books. Our selections guarantee unforgettable presents that will leave a lasting impression.

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Stay tuned for a delectable journey at The Pairing Table, where the harmonious blend of flavors is about to unite people in a culinary adventure like never before.